Posting multiple ads on Craigslist.

How to post multiple craigslist ads each day.

Posting multiple craigslist ads: automating the posting process.

IMacros is a software program you can use to make a custom made Craigslist publishing application. The software can be instructed to post unique ads from multiple accounts automatically each day and automate the process of posting multiple craigslist ads daily.

The simplest tactic for posting many advertisements on craigslist consists of producing your own auto posting program with a program called iMacros.With imacros you are able to automatically post from various accounts and create unique ads and headings as soon as possible.

You’re going to initially want to produce numerous craigslist accounts. You might require multiple telephone numbers to create each account. You probably own more than just one phone number of your own. Three total accounts should be enough. Now program a macro that logs into every account individually. Within that macro, you will want to set up multiple craigslist ads which include various variations of your advertisement, with distinctive headlines and body content. The key to posting multiple ads is to have distinct headlines and description text. This way, craigslist doesn’t identify your post as a replica.

Imacros will allow you to repeatedly schedule posting of your advertisements each morning. But you cannot make use of every account daily. The accounts have to rest 24 hours in between posting sessions. The accounts have to submit on alternating days, so if you’re submitting photos or posting clickable web site hyperlinks, those photos and website links must never be repeated on sequential days. Be sure that you have imacro installed on a pc which has a constant Web connection and is totally stable. It’s going to run automatically in the background, but only on a computer that operates reliably. Craigslist website traffic has a tendency to peak around ten AM so program imacros to publish its ads every day during the middle morning.

Some testing and adjusting is necessary to operate a successful daily strategy. A few versions of your ad will be really profitable. Others, you will find, are disappointing. Inside of 2 weeks it’ll be apparent which combination of ads is producing the best results. Remove the ads that are not performing well. Now, over the next fourteen days further improve your message and test fresh iterations of your advertisements. Be sure to test out discount codes, unique offers, and capitalization of your headings too.

Double your responses with these basic tips.

If you’ve been posting on craigslist you know just how powerful this resource is. It brings an impressive number of calls and e-mails about the service or the items that you are selling. You simply cannot get a better bang for your buck on the Internet.

But, some businesses and individuals have fantastic success on craigslist while others are merely getting by. Here are some basic tips that if you follow closely could double the response that you’re getting on craigslist.

Complete and thorough descriptions invite more inquiries. Especially when you’re offering something or a service that many others are listing on craigslist, the more detail you can provide, the more likely you are the one to be contacted, even if what you are offering is identical to the other parties.

Photos, photos, and more photos. Craigslist gives you the chance to post four photos and post them for free with craigslist. Make a habit of using all four of these spaces on every ad that you create. Think hard about what your customer wants to learn from your ad. People are visual, so think of the foremost important items or angles of the item or service that you are selling and be sure to include photos.

Be open and honest. If there’s anything flawed about the item that you’re selling, simply disclose it up front. Your visitor will appreciate your honesty. And don’t try to all people with misleading service ads. Just be upfront about your pricing and be clear about what they are getting for their money. Just like my advise about descriptions, the more detailed information you can offer, the more likely you are to build trust with someone who is interested in hiring you for buying from you.

Finally be sure to include keywords in your ads. Spend about five minutes searching your competitor’s ads and write down the most common words that you find. Paste these ads into the bottom of the ad, and it’s several times more likely to be found.